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Tired of "non-stick" pans that don't work? Introducing the greatest kitchen breakthrough in 50 years… CeramiCore™!

The revolutionary solid ceramic surface non-stick pan for healthier cooking.

Nothing cooks like CeramiCore™...

Anti-stick ceramic prevents food from sticking

No fats, oils, butter needed for
healthy eating and good cholesterol

High-quality aluminium body &
ergonomic handle

The heat-retaining honeycomb base
spreads the heat equally

Heats up faster and stores the heat longer

Easy to clean / suitable for dishwashers

Suitable for all cooktops

The last pan you will ever buy!

CeramiCore™ pans destroy the competition as they have heat distribution that matches the quality of cast iron without the big price tag! CeramiCore™ delivers unprecedented non-stick performance without releasing harmful fumes or toxins at high temperatures. Create masterful meals with ease because with your CeramiCore™ pans cook different types of food in the same pan without infusing or mixing up flavors!! Its revolutionary design allows for faster cooking time, and clean up is a breeze, perfectly clean with just a single wipe!